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"I met Dr. Campbell a couple of years ago as a fellow faculty member at Roseman University College of Dental Medicine. When I needed to be seen as a dental patient, I had plenty of dentist friends to choose from. I picked Dr. Campbell because I knew what kind of dentist he is, caring, skillful and most importantly, ethical. I've worked closely with Dr. Campbell as a colleague in many settings. Now as his patient, I couldn't be happier. There are dentists who rely on gimmicks and fluff, but, if you're looking for a dentist who really knows his stuff, will treat you with meticulous attention to detail and respect your wishes and preferences, look no further than Dr. Jason Campbell in Provo."
- Dr. Doug Ashman

"My visits to Dr. Campbell's office have been the best dentist office visits that I have ever had! Everyone was friendly, the office was in a good location, and the care was great! The prices were reasonable and the deals they offer for those that do not have insurance are great. When he was giving me shots to numb me up I didn't even feel anything. I would recommend this place to anyone!"
- Gerald Van Tassell

"Dr. Campbell is a good, honest man. I think that ought to be enough for anyone to choose this clinic. In case it's not: I've spent the last few years bouncing between clinics without dental insurance. I've seen my share, and feel like this office is the most modern of any. I was grateful for the instruments used during my recent root canal, and felt that it was made as comfortable as could be. The procedure was quick, pain-free, and (most importantly to me) thorough. Multiple tests and x-rays comforted both Dr. Campbell and myself to the completeness of the job. In the back, their hygienist, and the one dental assistant I've worked with were both friendly, genuine, and competent.

In the front, the women at the desk have already learned who I am, and exude a real care for me I find comforting. This is an update to a previous review where I gave the office 4 stars. I don't know how a dental office can be as humble and unassuming as they are while providing the level of service they do at their prices. Switch to Dr. Campbell and his team. You'll be glad you did."
- Larry Macfarlane

"I have had teeth problems for years, so I went in to get veneers done. Jason was great, he helped me so much and was very patient as I was figuring it out. He and his staff were very helpful and nice during the whole process, and the results look great! Jason had me in afterwards to do adjustments and made the veneers look perfect. He is a great dentist with a great group of people working with him."
- Andy Kendall

"Dr. Campbell and his staff are great! Very personable and real. They treated me like I matter as a person not just as a job. They have gone above and beyond to help me! The dental work is exceptional as well! Give them a try!"
- Sarah Boyce

"I was very impressed with the facility (state of the art equipment) and especially Dr. Campbell. He's very knowledgeable and gentle. His staff is kind and considerate, even checking on me after my root canal to make sure I was ok. They got me in quickly and they worked well with my insurance. I would definitely recommend him to everyone."
- Scott Heaps

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